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11/23/2014 11:13 PM
Should the U.S. Take Unilateral Action on Climate Policy?
Critics of unilateral action say the U.S. would pay too high an economic price without significantly moving the needle on climate change. Supporters say the goal is too important to wait.
11/23/2014 11:12 PM
Weatherford Must First Weather Oil-Services Storm
Weatherford International should ultimately benefit from the Halliburton-Baker Hughes deal. But Schlumberger looks safer for now.
11/23/2014 11:12 PM
Utilities Press Railroad to Speed Coal Deliveries
Saying they are running short on coal, electric utilities are trying to pressure Warren Buffett’s BNSF Railway Co. to speed up deliveries on its congested tracks before the worst of the winter weather ...
11/23/2014 07:53 PM
Yes: The Benefits Go Well Beyond Helping The Environment
Reducing the risks of climate change will require serious action from every major greenhouse-gas emitter. The recent joint U.S.-China announcement of emissions-cutting targets, even if lacking in many ...
11/23/2014 07:53 PM
No: It Would Cost A Lot of Money— And Achieve Nothing
Should the US take unilateral action on climate policy?Noamorriss@law.tamu.eduWith no global agreement on climate change in sight, President Obama argues the U.S. should act unilaterally to cut our greenhouse-gas ...
11/23/2014 07:28 PM
Flooding could follow heavy snow in western New York

Erie County Holding Center corrections officer carries sandbags as he directs inmates to create sandbags to prepare for possible flooding following a massive snow storm in WilliamsvilleBy Mark Blinch BUFFALO (Reuters) - Emergency workers filled thousands of sandbags on Sunday as the area around Buffalo, New York braced for potential flooding as warming temperatures began to melt up to seven feet (2 meters) of snow. Creeks appeared to be flowing smoothly and no flooding had been reported as the sun began to go down, county officials said. More than 775 members of the New York National Guard were in Erie County and Buffalo to help with flood prevention after days of work to clear roads and dig homes and cars out of the record snow from a storm that killed 13 people. ...

11/23/2014 04:20 PM
Some climate change impacts unavoidable: World Bank

Smoke rises from chimneys of a steel plant next to a viaduct on a hazy day in TangshanBy Alister Doyle OSLO (Reuters) - Some future impacts of climate change, such as more extremes of heat and sea level rise, are unavoidable even if governments act fast to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the World Bank said on Sunday. Past and predicted emissions from power plants, factories and cars have locked the globe on a path towards an average temperature rise of almost 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial times by 2050, it said. ...

11/23/2014 07:00 AM
Proof That Fashionable Kids Are The Best Part Of Winter

Proof That Fashionable Kids Are The Best Part Of WinterWith all the fuss that comes with the winter weather, we have found a silver lining! Kids wrapped in warm layers and topped off with beanies and seasonal coats might just be the best part of these awfully freezing temperatures. The Fashion Kids Instagram account is not a new discovery, but as the weather changes, so do the wardrobes of these...

11/23/2014 06:40 AM
Prospects rise for a 2015 U.N. climate deal, but likely to be weak
By Alister Doyle OSLO, (Reuters) - A global deal to combat climate change in 2015 looks more likely after promises for action by China, the United States and the European Union, but any agreement will probably be too weak to halt rising temperatures. Delegates from almost 200 nations will meet in Lima, Peru, from Dec. 1-12 to work on the accord due in Paris in a year's time, also spurred by new scientific warnings about risks of floods, heatwaves, ocean acidification and rising seas. After failure to agree a sweeping U.N. ...

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