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05/25/2015 05:06 PM
The Latest on weather: 12 missing people from 2 families

A carving of St. Francis of Assisi stands amid debris next to a destroyed home on River Road in Wimberley, Texas, Monday, May 25, 2015. Around a dozen people were reported missing in flash flooding from a line of storms that stretched from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes. (Jerry Lara/The San Antonio Express-News via AP)4 p.m. CDT

05/25/2015 04:27 PM
The Latest on weather: Governor calls damage 'devastating'

05/25/2015 02:19 PM
Texas governor declares states of emergency, more severe weather expected
(Reuters) - The governor of Texas on Monday declared states of disaster in 24 counties, citing the severe weather and flash flooding that have killed at least two people. The state has been pounded by tornadoes, heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and flooding that forced evacuations and rooftop rescues and left thousands of residents without electrical power. In declaring the states of disaster in 24 counties, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said: “The State of Texas has taken brisk action in dispatching all available resources to aid those affected by this severe weather system.
05/25/2015 01:46 PM
South Jersey Welcomes Unofficial Start of Summer With Weather Officially Glorious

05/25/2015 11:17 AM
Study: Europeans to suffer more ragweed with global warming

FILE - In this Aug. 14, 2001 file photo, pollen on a ragweed plant in is seen Newark, N.J. A new study says global warming will bring much more sneezing and wheezing to Europe by mid-century. It’s projected that ragweed pollen levels are likely to quadruple for much of Europe. But why? Warmer temperatures will allow the plants to take root more and carbon dioxide will make them grow more. That’s according to the study published Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change. (AP Photo/Daniel Hulshizer, File)WASHINGTON (AP) — Global warming will bring much more sneezing and wheezing to Europe by mid-century, a new study says.

05/25/2015 11:14 AM
Deadly Plains torrents loosen drought’s grip: Is this ‘weather whiplash?'
The five-year drought came to a dramatic end in Texas on Sunday, as a straight month of rain built into a torrent that killed at least three people and destroyed more than 1,000 homes, most along the Blanco River that runs roughly between San Antonio and Austin. Wichita Falls, Texas, where golf courses had long lost their green amid watering restrictions, has become fully saturated in a span of three weeks during the wettest May in the city since 1897. Across the Central Plains, reservoirs that have threatened for years to run dry are, suddenly, full.
05/25/2015 11:00 AM
Ragweed is invading Europe, and climate change will make it worse

Ragweed is invading Europe, and climate change will make it worseRagweed pollen has made life miserable for allergy sufferers in Europe, and it's likely going to get much worse over the coming years, according to a study published today. By 2050, airborne pollen loads from the invasive species are projected to increase by a factor of four — largely due to climate change — pointing to what the paper's authors describe as an "urgent" need for action. The study, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, combines two models to predict the effects of climate change, land use, and seed dispersal on ragweed pollen levels across Europe.

05/25/2015 10:45 AM
Weather Alert Day May Alter Holiday Plans
It's not the best weather for a Memorial Day outside. A line of strong storms could come together on Monday afternoon and start moving east through the Metroplex.
05/25/2015 10:05 AM
UN chief seeks 'global action' on climate change this year

UN chief Ban Ki-Moon has called for "global action" this year to limit climate changeUN chief Ban Ki-Moon on Monday called for "global action" this year to limit climate change as international weather experts began a quadrennial congress in Geneva. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) meeting comes ahead of a key conference in Paris at the end of the year which will be the first attempt to clinch a planet-wide deal on global warming since the near-disastrous 2009 UN summit in Copenhagen.

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